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Chocolate Meme

Chocolate for us, is a way of life. For so many of you, it holds a similar place.

At Poppy's we have dedicated our lives to getting delicious chocolate to you. Since 2005, we have been laughing, tasting, and dreaming with you. Have some fun with our Chocolates Memes. 

What's one thing you like about being an adult?

What's a snaccident?

It's always Chocolate time!

How to stop eating Chocolates?

Chocolate saves Monday!

Chocolate fixes everything.

When I find another reason why Chocolate is good. 

When someone says Easter Egg Hunt!

Friday rhymes with Chocolate

A true friend is someone who things you're a good Egg, even if you're cracked.

When Easter comes...

How do you like your Easter Eggs?

Going Nuts over Chocolate.

Do all things with Love and Chocolate.

Chocolate is my favourite color.

Share your Chocolates!

Take time to be alone with your Chocolate.

Today's good mood is inspired by Chocolates.

What's your Chocolate made me do it moment?

February without Valentines, is just January.

Chocolates make Monday better.


How do you spell Love?

Buy yourself your own Chocolate. Who cares?

You can never have too much Love or Chocolate.

Chocolate can deliver your love!

Chocolate is the way to go.

Happiness is a Choice and I choose to eat Chocolate.

Chocolates on a weekend is a must!

Your love sustains me like Chocolate.

Chocolate is a necessity!

I dream in Chocolate.

Chocolate is always a great idea.

Always trust someone who likes Chocolate.

Chocolate makes up for Monday.

Friday and Chocolate rhymes!

If it's not about Chocolate, don't ask me.


Chocolate is what dreams are made of.

Don't tell me what to do specially if it involves Chocolate.

 Weekend plans always has Chocolates in them.

Nothing better than a friend with Chocolates.

We don't know what a day feels like without Chocolates.

Life is short, eat Chocolates first.

What do you call a 3-layered chocolate box?

Have you ever had to rebuy Chocolates for Christmas?

When someone tells you that you eat too much chocolates.

Chocolate a day so it won't suck!

All moods require Chocolates.

To Chocolate or not to chocolate?

Chocolate in my veins

Eat a square meal, like a box of Chocolates.

Who doesn't like Chocolates?

Chocolate is ground from the beans of happiness.

Chocolates always wins

How fast can you inhale Chocolates?

When it's Friday and you have Chocolates for the weekend!

We are most alive when we eat Chocolate.

Chocolate is a necessity!

Wash your mouth with Chocolates.

The four basic food groups of Chocolate.

Things that makes me happy are Chocolates and more Chocolates!

Chocolate IS essential.

One Chocolate is not enough!

Chocolate makes everything better!

If anyone tells you to stop eating Chocolate, stop talking to them.

Listen to your body when it says Chocolate.

Chocolate Psychology Fact.

Get chocolate wasted on Friday is my dream!


All I want is life is peace, love, understanding, and chocolate.

Math I think doesn't work with Chocolates. 

You can never have too much Chocolate especially on Mondays.

The alternative is you bringing Chocolate to make everybody happy.

Chocolate is the default answer.

Chocolate is the most important element.

I think I will eat a lot of Chocolate today.

No ones gonna stop you from eating Chocolate when you're an adult.

Lack of Chocolate may cause vision to be blurry.

Life is too short to skip Chocolates.

That feeling when you see Chocolates!

I'm not fat. I'm at the point where you can tell I like Chocolate.

Is there anything more romantic than Chocolate?

Chocolate is my love language.

I was hungry and that's what happened to your Chocolates. 

I'm afraid I'll never love anyone as much as I love Chocolate.

Are you eating your Chocolates too slow?

Chocolate and being skinny tastes the same.

Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions.

Ever tried a day without Chocolate? Me neither.

Dip it in Chocolate and it'll be fine.

I don't need inspirational quotes, I need Chocolates. 


I have ABS..solutely no self control when it comes to Chocolate.

I have Chocolate in my veins. 

Chocolate is twice a blessing.

My true calling is just hanging out and eating Chocolate.

I ask myself while eating Chocolates.

How many pieces of Chocolates equals to Happiness?

Dad's have a heart of Gold.

Dad's stop pretending to not like Chocolate!

My life will suck without Chocolate.

No one is miserable while eating chocolate.

A little too much Chocolate is just about the right amount.

Is this why Dog's can't have Chocolate?

Dad's can be nutty and still can be as sweet as Chocolate.

I'm chocolate enriched.

Chocolate gives you energy!

Nah. You need Chocolate!

Gone like magic!

Everyday mood must require Chocolate.

Chocolate is the answer.

After I got my limited edition Ekka bag.

Perks of being an adult.


No easier decision has been made.

Good mood all through out the day.

There's no way you're right!


Chocolate taste good in anything!

No one can resist Chocolates.

How I share Chocolates:

Acting surprised when my Chocolate order arrives.

Chocolates all the time!

Chocolate fills my life. 

Chocolates for unpleasant day.

Eat more chocolates when things are great.

Sometimes you gotta keep them to yourself.

No moving until I got my Chocolates.

Give them all to me!

You gotta save some for yourself!

Sometimes Chocolate is the fix we need.

They deserve an "I love you".

Do you get these accidents often? 


I bite when there's no Chocolates!

Mood changes to 180.

The panic is real!

You deserve it!

What a crime!

Nothing can stop me!

Monday is when Chocolate is most needed

I hope my dog knows I would give him all the chocolates if I can.

Chocolate pumps my blood!

Chocolate saves the day!

How excited are you with your chocolate delivery?

And suddenly, I'm gone.

Chocolates are always reliable especially on Mondays.

When my kid asks where their chocolates that they ask me to hide

Whenever someone asks me to describe myself.

My diet crying in the corner

The struggle to keep being mad!

I'm programmed to turn around when you say Chocolate!

Chocolate is like Air...

Google had no search results

When I say balanced diet, this is what i mean.

The little sacrifices for Chocolates!

I'm all blank before my daily dose of Chocolates!

Brilliant plan!

Anyone else suffering from Chocapitulato?

Craving chocolates!

Chocolate is chocolate!

Grandparents always there to spoil.

I suck at math when faced with chocolates.

Always a fine thing!

Can you hide the pain well?

Quick mood change

Chocolate is a salad. It's a fact.

As a kid, I though I was being subtle!

Mood every time your local store runs out of your favourite chocolate.

The urge to dive in to chocolates is very strong!

And we don't regret a thing! 

How many are left when someone asks for your Chocolate?

When you can't stick to the rule of your wife

Dad's deserves Chocolates this Father's Day! 

Would you name your child after your favourite chocolate? Only true chocoholics would!

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