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Poppy’s creates individual pieces of love that transfer you to Heaven with every bite of chocolate.

Poppy’s Chocolate mantra is “it has to taste as good as it looks!” This is true of all Poppy’s products. They have to pass the strict “Poppy Test”. That means, if Poppy doesn’t love the taste, or a product doesn’t sell well, it gets reworked into a more enticing flavour or it gets moved into the history books of Poppy’s chocolates.

If you think they look amazing on the photos, just imagine how good they taste! (and please don’t lick the screen – it’s not the same)

Another favourite saying of Poppy is “Good chocolate is good for you!” Yes, they are all gluten free.

When you indulge in Poppy’s Chocolates you will leave the real world for some fleeting moments of Heaven, escape from your worries and live in the now.

Buy online here and let Poppy’s team organise to deliver them safely direct to you (or the lucky recipient of your gift) or Beenleigh or Robina and buy direct, watching the chocolatiers as you try a sample.

We welcome wholesale enquiries as has traditionally been our main business – supplying 4-5 star hotels, retailers, hamper companies and corporate customers.

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