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Freeze Dried Golden Gaytime Birthday Ice cream

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OMG! I could not wait to try icecream in the freeze dryer and it exceeded all expectations. Even better - my FAVOURITE icecream, Golden Gaytime. This one is their Birthday version.

Try them yourself.

Golden Gaytime is renowned for its iconic combination of toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream, dipped in scrumptious chocolate and covered in delicious biscuit pieces. 

Limited batches only so we're sorry if this is sold out

Contains 1 pieces Freeze Dried Golden Gaytime Birthday ice cream (original). Approximately 40g (weight may vary due to freeze drying process and size of individual bites). 

This icecream loses approximately 50% of its original weight in the freeze drying process. 

Packaged in a zip lock pouch for added freshness. 

Ingredients: Dairy ingredients (reconstituted buttermilk and/or reconstituted skim milk, milk solids, cream), sugar, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, wheat flour, flavours, colours (133, 160b, 161b, 120, malt extract barley) gelatin, emulsifiers (471, soy lecithin, 476), cocoa, salt, raising agent (500), vegetable gums (401,407, 410)

Contains milk, gluten, wheat, soy. May contain egg, peanut, tree nuts

As it can take up to 36 hours to freeze dry between 2-4kg of products, quantities are limited and there may be a wait on products or they may be sold out for some time if demand is high. We also freeze dry fruit for our own chocolates so production is limited for other items.

Keep out of direct sunlight and keep sealed, once opened, to keep the freeze-dried freshness. If they are left to absorb moisture, they will lose their crunchiness or the form they freeze dry into.

Bag size and weight varies from item to item. Freeze dried items do lose weight from their original form and this can be from 10% to 80% depending on the food and water content.

Freeze Dried products are very fragile, resulting in possible breakages during transport which we are unable to refund for.

About Freeze Drying

Freeze drying food changes the structure, texture and flavour intensity of most foods. With lollies, there can be an exciting additional transformation in the size or structure of some lollies. We have hand picked lollies that we thought were so delicious and had such a good texture, that you would love them too.

Freeze drying changes the structure of a food by removing all water content. It  is the process of freezing foods then drying them under a vacuum so the moisture content changes directly from a solid to a gaseous form and skipping the liquid state food would normally go through when thawing.

Freeze dried food maintains its original size and shape with a minimum of cell rupture and preserves the food. With some products, it can have an extra reaction of increasing the size of the product. This makes for some interesting and exciting results.

Note: Texture varies between different types of freeze dried foods. These are different to freeze dried fruit.